A muse of the arts, ambitious, and determined philanthropist Jenny Marie Christian.
Born December, 24th, 1982, Jennifer Marie Christian in Chicago to the blues legend, “Little Johnny” Christian and the educator, servant of the Lord Mary Christian-Jones is where it began. Jenny realized at an early age through the impact of her father’s music on others and her mother’s work she wanted to make a difference in the lives of others. Jenny published her first book (You Broke My Heart, Now Go to Hell) in 2008 Jenny’s personal stories are used in the book as a vehicle to spread the message of “allow every adversity to make you better and not bitter” to every young woman across globe.
Jenny Marie Christian with a charismatic persona, kind heart, positive attitude, and radiant smile fuel her to help others. The initiative that she created called Feminine, Delicate and Dainty was made to distribute feminine care products and hygiene products to homeless women. Jenny is a proud member that works closely with The Red Pump Project Chicago, an organization promoting HIV/AIDS awareness.
Jenny Marie Christian is working on her third book and promoting the release of her second book pretty, positive and prosperous. She also re-released her father’s music to honor his memory and raise for cancer awareness. Currently hosting the talk radio show: “The Jenny Christian Show” on Urban Broadcast Media. Jenny Marie Christian has earned her second title as Miss United States Empire Empress, holds her first title with the Black Globe International Organization, and is 2013 Miss Illinois Black Globe. Jenny Marie is preparing to compete for her third title, Ms. Corporate America 2016. The current Miss Chicago, IL Jenny Marie Christian has only begun to ascend. The main goal is always help others anyway: through writing, advocacy, speaking, and maintaining a positive attitude. Jenny Marie Christian is tireslessly working each day to become a better public servant.

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Jenny Christian.